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Practice Areas

Commercial Transactions

Transactional Business and Commercial Law

We handle a full spectrum of transactional law issues across the United States, assisting individuals, startups, corporations, lenders and others. We help our clients navigate legal complexities and accomplish business goals efficiently. With a big-picture perspective and an attention to detail that you can rely on, our attorneys draw upon experiences and knowledge in a multitude of industries and business structures.  

Our group can help you choose the business formation that is best for your business needs and goals whether you are starting a new business or reorganizing.  We handle all formation matters, including developing articles of incorporation, bylaws, corporate governance, employment contracts and policies, personal liabilities, shareholder agreements, lease contracts, operating agreements, licensing, permitting, and compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

Comprehensive Legal Guidance and Representation in Acquisitions and Dispositions

Additionally, we advise and guide our clients through acquisition, merger, disposition and dissolution. We assist clients with major transactions through all life cycles of their business. Our lawyers negotiate, draft and review contracts and related documents to ensure that our clients' rights are protected and best interests reflected in every transaction.

Some of our largest clients include national retail and office landlords and tenants, construction firms, national and regional banks, and other lenders. We represent buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, borrowers and lenders in commercial transactions throughout the United States, regionally and locally. We often help our lender clients regarding real estate-secured and non-real estate-secured lines of credit, construction loans, term loans and mezzanine financing. We have extensive experience in complex lending transactions, including loan documentation, review and loan workouts.

Simplifying Your Startup

Our attorneys regularly assist clients in and around Dallas and Houston, who are looking to launch or expand their businesses.  We provide trusted and knowledgeable legal counsel to help business owners make the right decisions and achieve their business goals.  If you have a plan or an idea for a new business, an existing business or a nonprofit organization, we can help you evaluate the risks and rewards and determine the best course of action.

Common Business Formation Complexities

Our lawyers assist you in determining what business entity is best for you by examining the type of business you are creating, the industry you are in and the existence of any partners or investors. The type of entity you choose when establishing your business affects how you will pay your taxes, what paperwork you must complete, how your business will be able to raise funds, and the degree of personal liability you hold as an owner.  Regardless of the type of business entity you choose to establish, we can work with you to ensure your financial interests are protected and that no step is left incomplete.

Once your business entity is determined, we can aid you in navigating through the red tape that often accompanies:
  • General business operations
  • Owner relationship documents, such as partnership, shareholder or operating agreements
  • Financing
  • Business management and control
  • Manager and operator compliance
  • Hiring practices and other employee considerations

Streamlining Sophisticated Transactions

If you are a resident of Texas and are looking to purchase, sell, transfer or merge a business entity, an experienced attorney can ensure that the transaction is conducted properly, and that your interests and assets are protected.  Our attorneys offer assistance in navigating through the many complexities of mergers and acquisitions so that you are able to realize your current and future business goals.

Protecting Your Business Interests

Most business decisions have far-reaching ramifications that affect your tax obligations and personal liabilities. Our team of lawyers will look out for your best interests while ensuring that all your transactions are handled properly.

Our skilled and knowledgeable lawyers understand how the legal system works, and how state and federal laws factor into today's business transactions. Our team can offer informed guidance relating to:
  • Performing due diligence with regard to letters of intent, asset agreements, confidentiality agreements and closing documents
  • Reviewing matters of intellectual property
  • Creating asset or stock purchase agreements
  • Evaluating property leases
  • Negotiating contracts, representations and warranties