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Contract Disputes

A contract dispute can occur for any number of reasons.  The contract may have been written poorly using ambiguous terms, or one of the parties may not have lived up to their promises.  A vendor may have failed to fulfill its part of the agreement, you may have signed a partnership contract and are trying to claim your rightful portion of the company, or your former employer is alleging that you have breached a nondisclosure agreement. Regardless of the contributing factors, representation by a skilled lawyer is critical.

Even with sound, competent contracts, arguments may occur and they can result in a large financial loss if not handled correctly. Interpreting contracts adequately can be challenging, but we understand the terminology and can provide proper legal insight that has your best interests in mind. We can also determine if the breach is a minor or material one.  When you come to us, you can rest assured that the members of our legal team have extensive knowledge in handling business disputes involving any type of contract. 

We regularly represent a wide range of clients in business matters before state and federal courts, including insurers, financial firms, government agencies, high-level executives, construction firms, professional sports teams, school districts and professionals in the entertainment industry. 

Some situations in which disputes over a contract are common include:
  • Sales and services agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Real estate contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Business sale or purchase
  • Partnership agreements